Optimise your home office to minimise neck, back and wrist pain

Dr Amanda Pike
Working from home isn't going anywhere anytime soon, so you might as well take the time to set up your desk properly.

With remote work becoming a long-term or permanent scenario for many, setting up an efficient home office has never been more essential. This guide provides simple, actionable tips to enhance your workspace for improved comfort, efficiency, and productivity.

Establishing Your Workspace

Choosing the Right Location

Begin by defining a permanent workspace away from high-traffic communal areas. This separation is crucial for maintaining a healthy balance between professional and personal life. Opt for a spot with good lighting—natural if possible—adequate airflow, and minimal noise. Remember, a tidy and organized area promotes better focus and efficiency.

Enhancing the Ambiance

The atmosphere of your workspace significantly impacts your mood and productivity. Create an inviting area that stimulates creativity and enthusiasm for your daily tasks. Personalize your space to reflect a 'feel-good' environment, which can transform the traditional sense of work from a chore to a pleasant experience.

Functional Workspace Setup

Ergonomic Furniture

Invest in an ergonomic chair that is adjustable in height and back angle to suit your body’s needs. Comfort in seating is paramount for long hours at the desk.

Optimizing Desk Setup

If using a laptop, consider a separate monitor, or a lift stand, and an external keyboard and mouse. This setup helps maintain proper posture and reduces strain. Regularly assess the setup's impact on your physical and mental well-being, making adjustments as needed.

Your next posture is your best posture!

Any stationary posture for a prolonged period will more than likely make you feel tight and sore which emphasises that lack of motion is the main issue, not the position or posture. When seated we have fewer degrees of free motion therefore we tend to move far less in comparison to standing. This does not mean standing is better however naturally when we are standing, we tend to move more regularly by changing positions which helps to break up that lack of motion or sedentary behaviour. The goal is to move throughout your workday. This is an added benefit of having a sit-stand desk, making it easy to change the height for your desk fairly undisrupted. Definitely an investment worth considering.

The Importance of Regular Movement

Adopt the mantra "Your next posture is your best posture." Avoid prolonged static positions by incorporating movement into your routine. Consider a sit-stand desk to easily alternate between sitting and standing without disrupting your workflow.

Scheduled Breaks

Implement short breaks every hour to combat fatigue and boost cognitive function. For instance, alternate between sitting for 30-40 minutes and standing for 10-15 minutes. Add a 5-10 minute walk or simple exercise routine to these breaks. Extend these breaks every few hours to completely step away from your desk, which is essential for both mental and physical rejuvenation.

Exercise Breaks: The Key to Physical Wellness

Incorporate exercise breaks to address and alleviate the discomforts associated with prolonged sitting. Engage in mobility and strength exercises that counteract the stresses of a sedentary lifestyle, enhancing your overall endurance and functionality.

Continuous Improvement

Always be mindful of your body’s feedback and be willing to adjust your workspace accordingly. Consistency in taking breaks and listening to your body’s needs plays a vital role in maintaining both health and productivity.


Invest time to perfect your home office setup. For further guidance or personalized advice on optimizing your workspace, feel free to get in touch.

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