5 reasons to see an osteopath while you are pregnant

Dr Maddie Ding
Osteopathy can be of huge benefit during pregnancy. It can relieve pain and provide comfort in a number of ways.

Enso Osteopathy in Armadale/Toorak is the best pregnancy Osteopathy clinic near you in Melbourne's inner south-east suburbs. We focus on providing immediate and lasting relief of your pregnancy related pain and discomfort while also preparing you, and your pelvic floor for birth as well as postpartum care and services. Our team of qualified osteopaths are trained in managing and supporting women through pregnancy and postpartum.

How osteopathy provides holistic pregnancy care

Pregnancy leads to major adaptations and changes in a woman's body. With these transformations often comes aches, pains and various discomforts. Osteopathy offers an integrative approach to support women through pregnancy and address common issues.

What is osteopathy?

Osteopathy centres on total body health and the interconnected function of the muscles, joints and overall wellbeing. Osteopaths are trained to evaluate and care for the whole patient, not just isolated symptoms.

For pregnant patients, osteopaths aim to promote comfort, facilitate the body's adaptations and achieve ideal positioning of the baby. Their holistic perspective and gentle manual techniques make osteopathy well-suited for expectant mothers.  

Ways osteopathy supports pregnancy health

The physical changes during pregnancy can lead to misalignments and imbalances in the body from carrying extra weight. Osteopathy helps correct these strains and realign the musculoskeletal system.

Throughout pregnancy, osteopathy supports the body’s changes and adaptations. The holistic approach helps maintain musculoskeletal balance, promote proper fetal positioning, and prepare the mother for labor and delivery.

Pain relief

Osteopaths offer drug-free pain relief for common pregnancy discomforts including back pain, headaches, sciatica and pelvic pain. Their gentle manipulations bring relief by realigning joints, relaxing tight muscles and improving circulation.

Osteopathic treatment also keeps the spine mobile and aligned, relieving back pain and strain. Techniques stretch tight muscles and ligaments adapting to the baby bump. Improved circulation from treatment nourishes muscles and joints, keeping them flexible.

Pelvic alignment in preparation for labour

Assessing the pelvis and ensuring symmetry is vital during pregnancy. Pelvic misalignments can lead to pain and complications. Osteopaths use safe, effective adjustment techniques to properly align the pelvis and promote easier delivery.  

One key benefit is realigning the pelvis to facilitate an easier delivery. The additional weight of the baby often causes the pelvis to twist or tilt, narrowing the birth canal. Osteopaths use gentle techniques to balance the pelvis, open up space for the baby to pass through, and allow the pelvis to move freely during labor. Proper pelvic alignment helps ensure the baby can find the optimal position for birth.

Improved digestion during pregnancy

Many women deal with heartburn, constipation or digestion issues when pregnant. Osteopaths can address restrictions and tension in the gut and abdomen to improve digestion and organ function.

Stress reduction and better sleep

In addition to physical treatment, osteopathy provides emotional benefits by promoting relaxation and calming the nervous system. The gentle techniques bring the body into a parasympathetic state, lowering stress hormones like cortisol. This helps manage feelings of anxiety and pregnancy-related stress.

By reducing tension, improving circulation, and aligning the body, osteopathic care can also enhance sleep quality. Pregnant women often experience disrupted sleep from digestive issues, back pain, frequent urination and general discomfort. Treatment eases pains, relaxes muscles, and establishes better sleep positioning.

Osteopaths also provide tailored education on proper sleep habits during pregnancy. This includes the optimal side sleeping positions to allow blood flow and prevent numbness. With better sleep, expectant mothers experience increased energy, improved mood, and overall wellbeing. Quality rest is crucial given the demands pregnancy places on the body.

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Postpartum recovery

Care continues after birth. Osteopaths aid new mothers in easing nursing discomfort, relaxing muscles, improving digestion and recovering fully.

Osteopathy delivers comprehensive care that tends to the whole body. This makes it an essential component of support for women during pregnancy and beyond.

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