Can osteopathy help with back pain?

Dr Amanda Pike
25% of Australians experience regular pain in their lower back. Is this you?

Do you experience Lower Back Pain?

Recent articles have called our influx in lower back pain an International Epidemic. According to studies, 25% of Australians experience regular pain in their lower back. I attribute this to the number of hours we sit at a desk, in a car and on a couch. There’s 24 hours and we break it up into 8 hours of sleeping, 1 hour of exercise if we're lucky, 2 hours of incidental activity and 13 hours of sitting.

Sitting at the desk, lifting the kids in and out of the car, the cot, or off the ground, bending down to pick up that slightly too heavy box or just bending over to spit the toothpaste out. These actions are repeated so often in our daily lives that we should really be doing them correctly. But day in and day out we don’t maintain healthy lifting posture and tend to use the wrong muscles.

If you’re feeling a little tight in the spine, you should get up and go for a walk, stretch out your glute (buttocks) muscles, stand up for a bit instead of sit. You can also use a massage ball against the wall to loosen up the tight spots in your bum. We will provide some tutorials, so if you want to stay on top of it follow us on Instagram.

If you’re wanting someone else to do the hard work, osteopaths might be able to help! By loosening up the tight joints that aren’t allowing the muscles to to do their job properly, stretching out those tight muscles, encourage the body to move the way it should and educate you on what to do and what not to do when you feel back pain. We can also give you a few handy exercises to do if it's quite sore and you can't make it in to see us.

If you’re experiencing pain in your lower back, give your health professional a call and ask them if they can help.

References: Gatchel RJ. The Continuing and Growing Epidemic of Chronic Low Back Pain. Healthcare (Basel). 2015;3(3):838–845. Published 2015 Sep 15. doi:10.3390/healthcare3030838

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