I've woken up and can't move my neck!

Dr Amanda Pike
It's more common than you think but its also really easy to fix!

It starts as a small kink on the right side of your neck. You can’t look over your right shoulder to do a head check. Before you know it, you have a full blown headache and are getting pain down into your right shoulder blade.

One of the most common complaints we get as osteopaths is a cervical facet sprain which is inflammation causing localised neck pain. Often with this injury you will struggle to turn your head to one side. You might be getting some shooting pain into your shoulder blade and upper back as well but there is a specific spot that, if you touch, is excruciating.

This may occur when we sleep in a funny position for too long or pick up something and look over your shoulder quickly or even when towel drying your hair.

The good news is, it usually goes away within 2-3 weeks without any intervention. But ff you’re like me and can’t wait that long to be able to function without pain then osteopathy can work really well.

You osteopath will likely use massage, stretching, mobilisation and maybe manipulation to get the area functioning as normal.

If you can’t get to your Osteo, try some of the following exercises to help relieve the pain…

  1. Heat over the area (heat pack, heat cream, hot shower)
  2. Roll up a towel and place in down your spine between your shoulder blades (check out our Instagram for ‘towel stretch’ to see it demonstrated)
  3. Very gentle stretches of the neck and shoulders by moving your head from side to side
  4. Self massage of the area can help encourage blood flow.

If you ever experience this kind of pain, please pop in to see your Osteo, it might make you feel a whole lot better.

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